Frequently Asked Questions

How To Participate 

Where is the 24 Hour Fight Against Cancer Macarthur event held?

The event is held at the Campbelltown Athletics Stadium, Pembroke Street, Leumeah. The use of the grounds is kindly provided by the Campbelltown City Council. October 19 (10am) – 20 (10am)

How much does it cost to register?

It costs $16 per person to register. You will be supplied with an event T-shirt, ten raffle tickets to sell in the Sleeping Giant Campbelltown Giant Raffle, a receipt book, an information booklet and fundraising information.

I would like to be involved but can’t form a team?

You can participate as an individual, join the Chairperson’s Team or we can help you join another team.

Can people who are not registered come to the ground?

This is a community event and your visitors and members of the public are very welcome to visit you and join in all the activities and entertainment provided.

Are children able to participate?

Yes, this is a family event. Children and young people can be registered participants, come as visitors and even be the team captain of their own fundraising team with parent permission. There are many activities provided on the day to entertain, amuse and involve young people of all ages.

How long do I have to be there?

The event runs for 24 hours from 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday. You can participate for as little or as long as you like and you can also arrive and leave at any time. It’s all up to you.

What is there to do during the 24 hours?

Saturday is full of activities for all ages. The opening ceremony commences at 9.45am and will be followed by everyone joining in for the first lap of the stadium. After that the program includes children’s activities, displays, Aquafit classes, jumping castle, performances for children, entertainment by local artists of all ages, raffle draws, meals, the reflection ceremony and evening games. Sunday starts with a hot breakfast, final laps and the closing ceremony at 9.30am.


Do I have to walk some or all of the time?

No. You can set up your team area and be as active or as relaxed as you choose. You can participate in as many activities as you like or you might just prefer to watch the passing parade and enjoy the entertainment program.

Do I have to stay overnight?


Can I just come down for the Reflection Ceremony?

Yes. The reflection ceremony is a time for us to quietly remember those who have had cancer and who are no longer with us. It starts at dusk on Saturday night with a non-denominational remembrance ceremony followed by a silent lap of the stadium by Led/glow light (for safety reasons no candles are allowed). You are most welcome to join us for this part of the program only.

Can I bring animals?

No. Animals are not allowed in the stadium with the exception of registered companion animals. eg guide dogs.

Are strollers allowed?

Strollers and wheelchairs are allowed on the track.

I can’t make it to the 24 Hour Walk in October so how else can I help?

You can still be involved. You could:

  • register as an approved fundraiser ($15 for the kit) and work with your family, friends, school or work colleagues to raise money in other ways. It is important that you talk to us about your plans
  • make a donation
  • buy raffle tickets in the Sleeping Giant Campbelltown Giant Raffle
  • donate goods or services for use as raffle prizes or auction items.

All About Teams 

How big does a team have to be?

There is no minimum or maximum number for a team. The size of a team should be governed by how much time the team captain has to coordinate their efforts before, during and after the event.

What if my team is becoming too large to manage?

Set yourself a reasonable number of team members to look after. As you get close to that number ask someone else to volunteer to also be a team captain. You can still work closely with them but it will share the workload.

How much does each team have to raise?

There is no set amount and every dollar you raise is important and appreciated. We have found that asking each team member to raise $100 gives them an achievable target.

When is the closing date for registrations?

Registrations are accepted right up to the event. You can add more team members at any time. However, it is preferable to get registrations in as early as possible.

Can my visitors buy a shirt on the day?

Shirts will be available for sale.

Are there children’s sizes in the shirts?

Children’s coloured sponsor shirts are available in size 14 only. Kids white supporter shirts are available for $12 in sizes 4,6,8,10,12

Does someone from my team have to be on the ground at all times?


Can we run our own raffle as extra fund raising on the day?

There are a number of large raffles run and drawn by the organisers on the day. This will significantly affect your ability to sell tickets at the ground.

Can we sell food as extra fund raising on the day?

For reasons of food safety and hygiene, all food stalls associated with the fund raising event shall be conducted in accordance with Campbelltown City Council’s requirements for the operation of one day food stalls.

What do I do with the money I have raised?

Your team captain will make arrangements with you to collect your fundraising so that it can be banked in your designated team’s account at an ANZ Bank. You should aim to have all of your money collected and given to the team captain by two weeks after the event.

When do my Sleeping Giant Campbelltown raffle tickets have to be in?

You should aim to have all raffle tickets, sold and unsold, with your team captain a few days before the event. We will make arrangements with your team captain to collect them. They can be accepted on the morning of the event at the Treasurer’s tent, but please use this as a last resort only.


Is drinking water available?

Fresh ice water is supplied by McDonald’s stores and is available free of charge at a number of stations around the track.

Is there security?

Yes. Security is provided and the stadium gates are locked late at night. The Police are aware that the event is on and are asked to make regular patrols.

Can I leave the grounds at night and return?

You are free to leave the grounds on foot and return at any time. If you require your car you will need to make specific arrangements with the security guards to unlock the gates for your return.

Is there food available for sale?
The Quota Club runs a canteen for the whole of the 24 hours selling hot food, sandwiches, cakes and drinks. There is also a coffee cart available over the 24 hours. You can purchase a sausage sizzle lunch on Saturday, a meal on Saturday evening, or a hot breakfast on Sunday morning. These meals are very reasonably priced and are part of the fundraising effort. Download a sample of meal options.
Can I bring food to the ground?

You are very welcome to bring food and soft drink but cannot consume it on the track. Alcohol and glass are not allowed on the track. Consider bringing snacks and nibbles and buying your main meals at the track as this adds significantly to the fundraising total.

Can I heat up a baby’s bottle or baby food?

Yes. Ask a committee member for assistance.

Can I have a shower?

The Campbelltown Athletics Stadium has shower facilities in the male and female change rooms.

Is first aid available?


Can I park close by?

Limited parking is available on site. You can enter via Pembroke Road or the West’s grounds car park (railway end).

Can I drive my vehicle onto the track to set up my team area?

No. You are able to manually push a trailer to your team site. A loading bay is provided close to the track.

Where will I set up my team area?

When you first arrive at the stadium check the diagram at the Announcer’s Booth for the number of the space allocated to your team. Find the allocated markings on the ground and set up your team area within that designated space.

How much room will my team be given?

Each team will have approx four (4) metres of track space (depending on the number of teams registered) and at least six metres depth in which to set up gazebos, tents, picnic areas etc. Large teams may be allocated adjoining team sites.

What time can I start to set up my team area?

You can start to set-up at 7am on Saturday. Please arrive in time to be ready to participate in the opening ceremony at 9.45am.

What time can I pack up my team area?

You can pack up at any time. People that stay overnight are usually packed away by the start of the closing ceremony at 9.30am.

Can I light Candles?

No. Naked flames are no longer permitted due to potential damage to the track. Alternative light products will be available for purchase such as LED candles or glowsticks